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22-Mar-2018 02:16

Then he decided to make ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES! Him and his team used the equipment they always had and they created this crazy movie!And being a kid I had no idea how this film would take off, I was just told to be somewhere at a certain time and that I’ll be doing this and doing that, and looking back at the movie now as an adult, it all come together as being something totally original, fun and cool!Ashbrook seemed to make his career out of films that meshed horror and humor and he spent some time with FANGORIA to shoot the breeze and talk all things tomato, Tarman and TWIN PEAKS… is one of those camp cult classics that genre fans adore, namely because it pays homage to genuine article horror movies like THE BIRDS and JAWS.

The couple has also posted intimate pictures of them. The freedom lover, Dana Ashbrook has an estimated net worth of million.He and his friends ran a company called 4 Square Productions that would take footage of American football games for various colleges.