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But yesterdays Duty Wardens, Mistress Absolute and the Foxtress, of course deserve more praise than that.

The first time I did four hours but this time I went for a full day and I must say that it was a wonderful day for a bondagelover and I can t wait until the next time.But one of the joys of these multi-Mistress events is being under the control of new people, and the Foxtress was a real treat, able to switch between sadistic and kind in a second according to what was required at the time.The Wardens can test your limits if that’s what you want, but always look out for your welfare too – as the Foxtress said, she can’t have fun playing with her toys if she doesn’t look after them properly.I was tied up in ropes (by Goddess Cleo) several times, handcuffed and tied in belts (by Goddess Cleo) and also tightly wrapped in clingfilm (by Goddess Cleo and Anastaxia Domina) so I wasn t “free” for many minutes during the day.

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Both Goddess Cleo, Anastaxia Domina and Foxtress sat on my face when I was tied and it was the first time ever for me being tied and facesitted by three lovely and beautiful dominas.Before the discomfort turned to pain, I was untied and ordered to stretch out.