Ikuta toma dating

02-Nov-2017 10:44

i'm sorry if i offend anyone, but this is how i feel...(this is the trailer for the movie: i know a lot of japanese actresses started out being sexy gravure idols (models that pose in swimsuits or lingerie), even gakky or maki, but this is too much!!

T__T i hate it when actresses keep using a sexy image to make themselves more popular.i dunno why i totally forgot 2 say it before, but shohei as the new nakatsu is soooooo not cool.

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Later, he finds out that Mizuki is a girl and that she likes Sano.

in case u were wondering...of the things in the hana kimi dvd box set #2! shun, toma, maki standing next 2 each other repeated over n over.

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