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A Jewish Nazi-refugee family moves to Walton's Mountain from Germany.Expecting to find similar antisemitism in America, the bitter, distrustful father, Professor Mann, chooses to protect his family by hiding their faith, and cancels plans for his son's impending bar mitzvah.Jenny Pendleton (Sian Barbara Allen), whose mother died years ago, runs away from her father and new stepmother, back to her deserted house in Walton's Mountain.Jenny and John-Boy meet and fall deeply in love, but she is soon traumatized by her father's sudden accidental death, and ultimately moves away with the stepmother.The Baldwin sisters plan to hold a family reunion when their cousin Homer (Denver Pyle) visits, but Homer runs off with their batch of over 100 jars of the "Recipe" intended for the reunion, planning to sell it in Charlottesville; then all of the invitations return because the addressees are either dead or unlocatable.The Waltons make up for the failed reunion with a family visit to cheer the disappointed sisters. Mary Ellen plans to run away with him, thinking that she is in love with him and that he will help her fulfill her dreams of travel and adventure.

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A young preacher, Matthew Fordwick (John Ritter), comes to Walton's Mountain fresh from seminary, where he has learned the currently-popular fire and brimstone style of preaching.The Waltons shelter a deaf girl (Erica Hunton) left on their back porch by her mother because her father insists on institutionalizing her.While they search for her family, they start teaching her sign language, which she uses to help Elizabeth when an emergency arises.Contrary to the front she puts up, she is out of work and money after her agent tired of dealing with her prima donna attitude.

After she learns a humbling lesson, the Waltons help her regain her confidence, then organize a town performance to help her raise money for a train ticket back to New York.A troubled teenager from Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan whose father was murdered by a gangster runs away from the Civilian Conservation Corps to Walton's Mountain.