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Revelation 12:1-4 says the exact same thing; Pointing us to Sept 23, 2017?call for urgent action to "Heal our wounded Creation".Boxes of Ensure coded #00701, the zip code of Puerto Rico in the path of Cat 5 Hurricane Irma "Universal" as of Aug 31."Red Dawn": 9/22-23 is the start of chaos erupting in the US. ), shouts "22, 22", then lights go out in the stadium, due to an EMP attack on the United States.His book, “The Harbinger” had just come out and he was popping up everywhere to promote it.Since then, he has catapulted to end times celebrity, even being asked to give the invocation at Obama’s Presidential Inaugural Breakfast in Washington, DC. Now that his book has sold well past one million copies, Rabbi Cahn no longer has to go on talk shows to promote anything unless he wants to.

This movie mentions, "the dragon was enraged at the woman and went off to wage war against her offspring".

Right before this takes place, two of the main characters meet at an airport ,and the numbers on the clock point to , , , and stop at ."Tomorrowland": In the preview, you see a young girl who is witnessing rampant looting and rioting, on the east coast of the U. She picks up a magic coin and is instantly transported to a place that looks like Heaven (Hollywood version of the Rapture on 9/23/2017).