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25-May-2018 17:24

Your husband left you, and the marriage you'd thought was for a lifetime ended all too soon and cruelly.

God grieves alongside you as you mourn the death of your marriage.

I had to combine my career as a novelist with teaching creative writing at a university.

It was exhausting, and Erik and I hardly had any free time together.

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Take heart that God is with you as well, and that He cares about what's happened to you.Erik then raised the subject of marriage but I shied away — still stung by my divorce.Then Freya invited me to a party with some of her friends.Slipping back into the house one evening, after another illicit phone call, I glimpsed Erik, framed by the living room door, between my two boys on the sofa.

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It was like seeing a snapshot of what I had to lose. I had assumed Erik couldn’t understand how I felt, without ever giving him the chance to prove me wrong.

Instead, forgiveness cleanses your spirit from the poison of bitterness and enables you to celebrate the possibilities of your new life.