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The first birth control pill was approved by the FDA in 1960; almost 60 years later, there is still not a single medical contraceptive method for men — they’re still relying on condoms, which are a 180-year-old technology, or the pullout method, which is about as old as humankind.

The invention of the pill revolutionized sex for women, making it easier than ever before to have sex for pleasure and pleasure alone.

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More than a third of female survey respondents said they had been tested for STIs within the last six months, and another 22 percent said they had been tested more than six months ago but less than a year ago.Some ingredients in antibacterial hand soaps are just not safe, says the U. Substituting just one or two servings plant protein for animal protein with every day could help lower your cholesterol and cut your heart disease risk, suggests a study conducted by researchers at St. The agency just finalized a rule first proposed in 2015 to label triclosan and 23 other active ingredients commonly found in the soaps a...And why would there be, when women have taken on 100 percent of the responsibility? According to recent studies, among college-age men who have sex with women, 91 percent of them say they orgasm most or all of the time; just 39 percent of their female peers who have sex with men said the same.

Notably, college-age women in committed relationships were more likely to orgasm regularly during sex than their single peers — likely because young men report putting more effort into pleasing their girlfriends than pleasing hookups, whose pleasure they’re less likely to prioritize.

But it wasn’t created by accident or even by savvy pharmaceutical companies who saw the potential for profit; it was an intentional feminist effort, midwifed into existence by advocates for women’s health and the wealthy investors they persuaded.