Updating nutone intercom and radio system Website untuk chatting seks

19-Sep-2017 01:09

There are two types of wiring schemes that are used with Nu Tone intercom systems. Home-Run Systems: In a home-run wiring layout each remote station (entry door, inside and patio) has its own individual cable with the appropriate numbers of wires in the cable (3,4, 5, 6 or 8 wires) and these cables all run directly back to the master station.

As an example, if there are 9 remote stations, there will be 9 cables behind the master station.

Vacuum Tube 3-Wire Models: 1954 – 1966: 2011/2012 2013/2014 2015/2016 2053/2054 2055/2056 2057/2058 Vacuum Tube 5-Wire Model: 1957 - 1962: 2400 Stereo Music Intercom Solid-State 3-Wire Models: 1966 – 1971: 2067/2068 1968 – 1975: 2090/2091 2063/2064 1975 – 1983: IM203/IMA203 IM303/IMA303 IM323/IMA323 IM313/IMA313 B, C, D 1984 – 1994: IM2003 IM3003/IMA3303 IM3103/IMA3103 1994 – 2006: IM3303/IMA3303 Solid-State 5-Wire Model: 1966 – 1972: 2071 Stereo Music Intercom Solid-State 8-Wire Model: 1957 – 1974: N2561/N2562 2500 1975 – 1983: I600 SM428 Solid-State 6-Wire Models: 1965 – 1975: 470 1968 – 1975: 2540/2541 25 – 1985: IM406/IMA406 IM806/IMA806 1986 – 1995: IM4006/IMA4006 IM5006 1996 – 2006: IM4404/IMA4406 IM5000 Solid-State 4-Wire Models: 1997 – 2004: IM3204/IMA3204 SR9000 Stereo Music System Finally we have to include the rarest Nu Tone Intercom model ever made, the IM6106.

By adding features to the platform, new and different models would be created.These two wire types comprise about 80% of all Nu Tone intercom systems.There are a few exceptions with regard to wire types.A quick note about early Nu Tone model numbers: In the early days, Nu Tone used model numbers like 2011-2012.

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The 20 are basically the model except the finish (color) of the model was different.The disadvantage is that when a new platform is designed it will not be backwards compatible with older models.

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