Vavoom online dating

25-Jun-2017 11:50

Good stuff, although I'm sure there are better ones out there.

I apply to wet hair, then blow-dry and style with a round brush.

When dispensing it in my hand, it slightly reminded me of the smell in the paint aisle at Home Depot...

However, it just got better and better as I dried it.

I paid a bit more for it than the JCP ad on this page, so I will definitely shop around for a better price, BUT, if I could only get it at my salon for the price I paid, I would. NOTE--Even more raves, I would have so so hair the day after a wash day, but with this product, it hits it out of the park.

I have a lot of heavy hair, with fine individual strands. I enjoyed the effect of this product, didn't make my hair oily or crunchy or leave residue, but unfortunately it was really drying and makes my hair really staticy. I have fine, blonde hair, but hair dressers are always saying that I have a "lot" of it.I am using up the last of my Amplify because I always have better hair days when using Vavoom! I just shake the bottle and apply in my palm and pat my hands together to disperse and run my fingers all over my hair and scalp in upward motion. Sometimes when I don't feel like teasing or applying anything else to boost up volume, I'll just use this and blow dry and it leaves my hair shiny and va-voomed!