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Garfield, 34, also caught flak for joking that he’d prepared so thoroughly for the role that he was now a gay man, “just without the physical act.” His intention wasn’t to make light of anyone’s struggle—he’s just an immersive kind of guy: Before filming Scorsese’s 2016 Andrew Garfield: I don’t have anything to say to those people. The priests I spoke to would say, “By sacrificing in order to serve God, you are given many blessings.” You get the gift of love in all of its other forms. We’re always serving something, even if we’re not aware of it. My boss didn’t take kindly to my incessant sitting.This is a beautiful love story about this man who got polio at a young age. Which I don’t think we give as much credence to in our modern culture. I have very strong feelings about what modern fame means, and the toxicity of it. I was like, Look, I’ve dusted everything, the stockroom is all figured out.… While this may not have been the most challenging role of Mc Avoy’s career, it’s certainly been one of the more time-consuming: he’s been working on it off and on for more than three years. I’d come in every three or four months, and for half a day I’d try to hit as many scenes as I could and offer up as many ideas as possible. He plays a lovestruck garden gnome called Gnomeo in the animated feature Gnomeo and Juliet, a tragic – but not too tragic – saga of love, enmity and pointy hats. I waited a full calendar year after its 2007 release, eventually renting it from my local library once I was of legal age to check out an R-rated movie (17).New to me, James Mc Avoy had been a working actor for over a decade leading up to . As Robbie, Mc Avoy was the rosy-cheeked, smirking groundskeeper who won the heart of haughty socialite Cecilia (Keira Knightley). Night Shyamalan’s latest film (he’s back once again, baby!He was a sportsman, a captain in the army, who experienced the world through physicality. Because my dad’s opening line was—he’d be terribly embarrassed with me sharing this—but it was “Do you want to see the creases in my jeans? I would rather sit now so I have the energy when a customer does come in.

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When he arrives with his publicist, she hovers protectively around him before he reassures her that he’ll be fine on his own. “I think my recognisability ebbs and flows,” he says in his soft Scottish burr. I really hope to meet somebody out of this f**king business,” she said.